Annual Town Meeting is Tonight

by | May 5, 2015

By John Anderson

When elected town meeting members gather at Auburn High School tonight at 7:00pm, a warrant with 19 articles will await. The usual boilerplate articles are listed, and these usually pass quickly with little debate. Even the proposed $58,288,549.71 municipal budget won’t generate a lot of questions as members have grown to trust the Finance Committee, Town Manager and Chief Financial Officer.

A Capital Improvement Budget of $2,224,881.00 is also on the warrant with 5 funding sources: sewer retained earnings; tax levy appropriation; ambulance proceeds; CIP Trust; and bond proceeds.

Some housekeeping items require attention including rescinding unused borrowing authorizations, repurposing CIP funds, and amending a 2008 authorization for the Rte. 12/20 overlap construction. Those funds will be now used to plan the reconstruction of Auburn St. from Central Square to I-290.

With a bit of luck and without argument, this meeting should fly. If you are a member, please attend.