Town Website Now Offers Multilingual Options

by | Apr 30, 2015

By John Anderson

Whether you “hablar español” or “parler le francais”, Auburn’s website, will now be more user friendly. Town Manager Julie Jacobson announced yesterday that a new feature will allow visitors to visit the website in 91 languages.

Jacobson wrote, “To translate any page of our web site into any language, click on the Google Translator button located above the Green Community logo on the left side of the main page.”

She adds, “This tool will be beneficial to any Auburn resident who speaks a language other than English. This is also a good tool for business development as entrepreneurs or site selectors from any country can view our web site in their native language, facilitating access to contact information should they be seeking to open a new business here in Auburn.”

It’s fun to see how the information looks after a translation. For me, Greek is one of the most attractive with their wonderful alphabet. Languages range from Afrikaans to Zulu and include Chinese, Polish, and even Chichewa which is spoken by natives in the jungles of South America.

Google also includes Latin, which would be useful if a Roman Legion wanted to rent Camp Gleason for a retreat. Just kidding, but as they say in Italy, “Buona giornata” Have a good day.