Auburn Mass Daily Election Coverage Policy

by | Apr 30, 2015

Auburn Mass Daily has a stated editorial position regarding candidates and election news coverage.  We intend to remain impartial and offer each candidate equal press time and coverage. We will allow an interview with each candidate and publish a subsequent article. Each candidate will be given an identical series of questions in advance of the interview. The questions will vary based on the elected position, but each candidate for that position will be provided the same questions. Additional questions may be asked if appropriate.

No stories will be published until all interviews have been completed or a reasonable attempt has been made to complete an interview. Publication of the interview stories will be done randomly. If a candidate declines an interview, it will be noted.

Candidates are welcome to submit press releases and statements through our “contact us” form, but publication is not guaranteed. Paid political advertisements will be allowed subject to content approval.

If a candidate holds an election event, we will add it to our community calendar. We will not be doing articles prior to an event and will not cover the event for a subsequent story.

The Facebook and Twitter pages of Auburn Mass Daily are not a political forum. While comments on articles are allowed, any abuse will result in the comment’s removal and the offender may be banned.

No new information from candidates will be published after May 9, 2015, ten days before the election.

We will do our part to encourage an honest and fair election process.