Auburn Resident Publishes Children’s Book

by | Apr 29, 2015

By Jeff LaBonte

Mike Clark, author of "My Writing Spot."

Mike Clark, author of “My Writing Spot.”

Newly published children’s author, Auburn resident Mike Clark, started writing when he was five.  “I’d write plays, poems stories” says Clark. “My mother would sit and listen to these stories.  She has always been my biggest supporter.  She always said, ‘Write a book for me someday.'”

“I knew I wanted to write a children’s book when my children were young” says Clark.  “My wife worked nights, and I would be home alone getting all the kids into bed.  I would tell them stories at bedtime, and their favorites were always the freestyle stories instead of reading from books.  They would throw out an idea, and I would just make up a story.”

Now, about a year and a half after he began, Clark has published his first book, My Writing Spot.

My Writing Spot hit online book stores in February. “The book is about a writer’s block” says Clark.  “It’s a journey around the world looking for a new writing spot.  I took time deciding what kind of main character the book would have.  I decided on no main character.  The book invites the reader to insert herself into the journey. I think that’s what will set the book apart from other children’s books.”

Clark, a dental hygienist by trade and longtime aspiring writer, finally buckled down to write this book after a false cancer diagnosis. “My young son was diagnosed initially with bladder cancer.  It was terrifying.  When the tests came back showing it was not cancer after all, we felt it was a miracle.  Then I knew I had to write this book.”

Despite the book being a relatively short 30 pages, Clark spent a lot of time wordsmithing the book.  “I received a lot of input and criticism and took it all.  I did a lot of reworking every page.”

The book is also wonderfully illustrated by ilustrator John Minardi.  But even this was a bit of a journey for Clark. “My first illustrator did not work out.  We just didn’t click” says Clark.  “I knew John through an extended circle of friends.  I asked him to illustrate, and he did wonderful work.  We really clicked.”

Clark grew up in Worcester and moved to Auburn about 11 years ago, where he lives with his wife and three children.  Clark says this won’t be his last book.  “I am still working on ideas for my next book” he says.  “But there will be a next book!”

Clark’s book is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, XLibris, and other online booksellers in both paperback and electronic versions.