Slapstick Magic Act Big Hit At Pakachoag

by | Sep 26, 2013

Pakachoag Church launched its Free Family Fun Night series with magician/comedian The Stupendous Mr. Magichead.  Mr. Magichead – John Sullivan – has over 20 years experience as a children’s entertainer and it shows.

Before the show even began, Mr. Magichead was warming the crowd with some impromptu illusions in the hallway. Once he was introduced, he got the audience laughing immediately, especially the 40 or so children sitting on the floor immediately in front.  He proceeded to keep them laughing for the next 75 minutes, wrapping the show by – finally – pulling Lulu the white bunny out of his hat.

Once the magic was finished, Mr. Magichead let the children (and a stray adult or two) gently pet Lulu, who took all the attention quite well, considering she is a rabbit.  Every child had a different favorite when asked about their favorite part of the show.  “The money box” shouted once child while another yelled “When the soda bottle disappeared.” Another favorite was when Sullivan – Mr. Magichead – twisted himself in a “knot” and tipped over off his trunk.

All in all it was a wonderfully entertaining evening for the 90 or so people gathered at Pakachoag.  Pakachoag Church – – has a series of free and low cost events planned for the 2013-14 program year including a Halloween party in October and a Gingerbread Festival in December.

The stupendous Mr. Magichead is available for all types of events.  You can get more information on his website at