Town Meeting Tonight – No Foolin’

by | Apr 1, 2015

By John Anderson

The fourth and last Special Town Meeting of FY2015 will take place tonight at 7:00pm in the high school auditorium. The meeting, which is expected to be brief, will be followed by a public hearing on the FY16 budget proposed by the School Committee.

A quorum tonight is essential to pass 4 Articles that had to be postponed due to a copying error when the warrant was mailed to elected town meeting members.

Article 5 requests the transfer of $40,000 in CIP funds to the accelerated repairs at 10 Swanson Rd. and Bryn Mawr schools. Article 6 follows and authorizes the borrowing of money to finance both roof replacements and a boiler replacement as part of the Massachusetts School Building Authority’s Accelerated Repair Program.

Although Article 6 seems rather ominous and lacks a dollar amount, it is standard procedure to borrow all necessary funds and this same action has been taken for many Auburn projects. The MSBA will reimburse the town for 54.16% of the costs and will save the town about $1.5 million.

Article 7 appropriates funds to pay for interest on the new middle school project, and Article 8 seeks approval for alterations to West St. to better handle traffic associated with the new middle school.

With a bit of luck, a quorum will be reached quickly, and this meeting can come to a quick conclusion.