Representative Frost Votes for $610,603 in Chapter 90 Funding for Auburn

by | Mar 31, 2015

Frost commends Governor Baker for Additional Pothole Repair Funding due to Winter Storms for Cities and Towns

frostheadpic2011Assistant House Minority Whip Representative Paul K. Frost (R-Auburn) is pleased to announce that the Town of Auburn is slated to receive $610,603 for road and bridge repairs as part of a $200 million Chapter 90 bond authorization approved by the House of Representatives on March 25. This will be in addition to $100 million, in which Auburn received $307,263 that Governor Charlie Baker released back in January and which Governor Patrick withheld from a previous Chapter 90 bond authorization from the House and Senate. Governor Baker also recently announced a $30 million one time bond funding to cities and towns to repair roads, signage, storm grates and guardrails which were heavily damaged due to the historic winter conditions this year.

Auburn should have $917,866 to spend on local roads for the upcoming construction season. This is in addition to Governor Baker’s recently initiated “Winter Recovery Assistance Program” to dedicate $30 million in bond funding to help cities and towns fill potholes and fix local roads damaged by this year’s winter storms. The Town of Auburn will be reimbursed $92,179 to patch potholes, cracking and other surface defects and repair or replace signage, guardrail, storm grates, or road striping or painting. The amount of bond reimbursement funding is allocated to each city and town based upon the calculations of the Chapter 90 formula. Communities will be reimbursed in June for their repairs up to their allotment.

Frost said, “I know this local road funding will help all the towns in the district and all the communities in the Commonwealth. This historic winter has certainly taken its toll on local roads and I’m very happy Governor Baker is providing for additional funds to help our communities address the damage these storms left behind. Conditions of local roads are always a top priority for our towns to address and a top concern for most residents. This is a way the state can help them.”

The recent $200 million for Chapter 90 bond funding passed in the Massachusetts House on March 25 and was sent to the State Senate. The Chapter 90 formula used to distribute funds to communities is based on road miles, population and the number of people who are employed by businesses within the community.