6th Grade Girls Hang Tough in Semifinal Hoops Loss

by | Mar 6, 2015

By John Anderson

The Auburn grade 6, A division girls fought hard on Saturday in spite of injuries but still dropped the semi-final game to Millbury, 30-27, in the South Central Massachusetts Youth Basketball League. Auburn came into the playoffs 10-2 and was ranked #2 while Millbury was #3 and 8-4.

Coach Nathalie Khafaga told Auburn Mass Daily, “I know for sure if #1 and #10 weren’t injured, we would have blown them away.” As a former varsity player at Auburn High, Khafaga knows full well how injuries can change the course of a game and even the season. The other team coach is her former teammate Jenna Scanlon.

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The Auburn players are Calie Messina, Mia Dellostritto, Kasey Simmons, Zoe Picard, Amanda Loftus, Izzy Therrien, Maura Donahue, Allie Morawski and Rachel Ullstrom.

One player came into the game with an ankle injury and another suffered a wrist injury in the first half. Combined, the girls lost a lot of momentum and some solid shooting. They almost pulled off a victory, but the player loss proved to be too much.

Allie Morawski led her team with 10 points, and Rachel Ullstrom followed with 7. Calie Messina put up 5, while Izzy Therrien and Kasey Simmons each had 2. Zoe Picard made 1 free throw.