‘Diaper Derby’ Crawling Competition Takes Center Stage

by | Feb 26, 2015

The Auburn Mall hosted its annual Diaper Derby Saturday, February 21. About 30 crawlers took part in the event.

Split into heats of 5 or 6 competitors, parents pointed, cajoled, encouraged and prodded their their young children to race to the opposite end of the matted ‘race track’.  At the finish line, parents, siblings, aunts and grandparents yelled encouragement to the babes, but the efforts were mostly in vain.

Most of the children sat at the starting line looking a bit bewildered for a minute or two.  More than one burst into tears.  But most eventually began to make their way across the mats toward the finish line.  The journey was not a quick one, however.  Some kids stopped mid-race to rest.  Some were far more interested in their fellow competitors than whatever competition at which they were supposed to be competing.  Still others veered off the course into a crowd of legs,  and had to be retrieved by a parent.

For those that did cross the finish line, they earned a blue ribbon and a chance to compete in the finals.

In addition to the races, there were also several vendors on hand, and the Auburn Police Department’s Jonathan O’Brien provided child ID booklets; Molly Bish Life “guard” Kit provided by the Molly Bish Foundation.

The results of the grand finale were:

1st Place – Charlie Driscoll (11 months) – Holden, MA
2nd Place – Ethan Trudell (10 months) – Webster, MA
3rd Place – Deandre Cannon  (11 months) – Worcester, MA


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