Dancing With The Stars Slideshow Part 1

by | Feb 5, 2015

The 6th annual Dancing With The Stars of Auburn to benefit AYFS went off without a hitch last Saturday, despite being sandwiched by two major snowstorms.

Almost 400 people turned out to cheer on the performers and enjoy an evening of laughter, food, and friends.  Motorsports International’s showroom was transformed into a performance hall, Joe Hurley took the microphone, and the show was off and running.

‘Hooray for Hollywood’ was this year’s theme.  Each of the dancing couples chose a movie on which to base their performance.  Each of the amateur dancers was paired with a professional instructor; the men with dancers from Sally McDermott Dance Centers and the women with Arthur Murray dancers.  The couples then choreographed a dance based on the chosen movie.

The performances were based on movies ranging from James Bond to Ghostbusters, Chicago to Purple Rain, and Footloose to Austin Powers.  All the performances were well received by the standing room-only audience.

This year, the awards departed a bit from the traditional 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Keeping with the Hollywood theme, there were “Oscars” given for Best Costumes, Best Supporting Dancer, and Best Picture.

And the winners were:

Best Picture – Pat Dufour and Caitlyn Foley with ‘Blues Brothers’

Best Supporting Dancer – Jeff LaBonte and Megan Berg with ‘Austin Powers’

Best Costumes – David Hall and Kat Damian with ‘Sister Act’

Auburn Mass Daily was on hand from the dancers’ arrival Oscars-style (with the performers being interviewed by emcee Joe Hurley on the red carpet) to the final goodbye. We will run the slideshow in two parts today and tomorrow.



A complete list of all the participants:

  • Nate Atella- Mid-State Auto (dancing with Nadine Zona SMDC Dance Instructor)
  • David Hall- Pastor St. Thomas Episcopal Church (dancing with Kat Damian SMDC Dance Instructor)
  • Mike Hammond- President of Pop Warner Football (dancing with Michelle Duclos SMDC Dance Instructor)
  • Rick Gaudreau- Thrifty Car Rental (dancing with Carrie Callahan SMDC Dance Instructor) –
  • Alicia O’Connell- Attorney (dancing with Ben Champagne- Arthur Murray Dance Studio Instructor) –
  • Pat Dufour- AHS teacher & football coach (dancing with Caitlin Foley SMDC Dance Instructor)
  • Jessica Harrington- Auburn School Committee Member (Jarrod Clark –Arthur Murray Dance Studio Instructor)
  • Glenn Johnson- Assistant Fire Chief (dancing with Sarah Nugent SMDC Dance Instructor)
  • George Vranos- Auburn Police Officer (dancing with Kate Stanley SMDC Dance Instructor)
  • Jeff LaBonte- LaBonte Consulting & Auburn Mass Daily.com (dancing with Megan Berg SMDC Dance Instructor)

AYFS Executive Director, Sally D’Arcangelo, expressed her appreciation for all of the dancers, volunteers and supporting staff.  “None of this would be possible without Sally McDermott” she said.  “Sally provides the studio space, coordinates the instructors, she puts so much time into this and we are so grateful.”

The Dancing With The Stars events have raised over $100,000 for AYFS since 2010, not including this year’s results.

Other major sponsors for the event include MotorSports International, Park ‘n Shop, Chuck’s Steakhouse, Webster Five Savings Bank, Central One Federal Credit Union, Baystate Savings Bank and Harvard Pilgrim Health Plan.