Girls Down Prouty 42-17

by | Jan 26, 2015

By John Anderson

When David Prouty came to town last Thursday, they were 6-6. When they took the long bus ride home, they were 6-7 after a beating by the Rockets who improved to 10-2.

Auburn was up 21-8 at the half, and the Panthers didn’t score a point in the third quarter until 35.3 seconds were left on the clock. The Rocket bench got a lot of exercise in this game, which was great experience for the younger players.

While the Rockets had 11 steals during the game, they turned the ball over 10 times. Erin Burke led her team with 12 out of 31 rebounds and 19 points. Surprisingly, only one 3-pointer was scored during the game, and that went to Emily Sarkisian.

Other scorers were Colleen Cutting with 12 points, and Sarkisian with 5. Shannon Hynes added 4, and Jess Clifford had 2.