Winter Storm Set to Strike Auburn

by | Jan 26, 2015


Forecasters are predicting that a powerful winter storm will strike much of the Northeast Monday night through Tuesday night.  Locations along the coast are under blizzard warnings, as is a good portion of Massachusetts, including Auburn.  Auburn, however, sits on the very western edge of the blizzard warning area, as of the Sunday 2pm National Weather Service update.

Depending on the forecast you read and the model(s) upon which that forecast is based, snow totals are currently ranging from 18″ up to 26″.  One or two more vague forecasts are just saying “2-3 feet possible”.  Realistically, unless you are a plow driver or DPW employee, it probably doesn’t make that much difference whether we get 18″ or 25″; it’s a lot of snow.

Strong winds coupled with the heavy snowfall can lead to power outages.  Make sure you have flashlights and batteries handy.  Get some cash in case widespread power outages cause ATMs to be inoperable. Fill the cars up with gas in case gas stations don’t have power.  Avoid using candles as a light source, but if you do burn them, don’t ever, ever leave them unsupervised even for a few minutes.  Also, make sure to charge up electronic devices.  Internet and cable telephone service will not work during a power outage.  Only run generators outside, and do not use kerosene or propane space heaters or appliances indoors.

We will publish any cancellations and postponements about which we are notified.  It’s a safe bet the state will be closed on Tuesday, and possibly starting Monday night.  The best thing most residents can do is prepare for an extended power outage and plan to stay inside for about 24 hours.  Just think how great the sledding and skiing will be this weekend!

  • If you need to contact the police department, fire department or DPW during the storm and it is not an emergency, call 508-832-7777. For emergency assistance, dial 911.
  • Fire Hydrants. There are 525 fire hydrants in Auburn.  The Fire Department is asking residents to assist by keeping the fire hydrants near their homes clear of snow to facilitate access in an emergency.

CodeRED, the Town’s emergency notification system, will be used if needed to provide emergency updates as needed throughout the storm.

If you have not already done so, we urge you to sign up for CodeRED immediately.

Auburn residents and Auburn businesses may do so by logging onto the Town’s web site at and clicking on the CodeRED logo.

While many land line numbers were entered into the system through CodeRED’s database, residents and businesses must register additional contact information such as cell phones, email addresses, and alternate telephone numbers such as relatives or place of work.  Even if you think your land line is in the system, the only way to be sure that the correct phone number is listed is to go to the web site and physically enter your information.

Subscribers can enter as many phone numbers, both land line and cell phone, as well as email addresses, as they wish but note that you will have to enter the information on new forms if you submit more than 2 numbers at a time.

Please remember that community messages and National Weather Service weather warnings are optional.  If you do not want to receive these non-emergency messages, do not check those boxes.