JV Boys Work Hard on the Ice

by | Jan 23, 2015

By John Anderson


I misread my schedule on Wednesday and showed up an hour early at Horgan Arena for boys hockey. Since the JV team was playing, I took a few photos and made some observations.

The lead photo shows the teams and their players who are not on the ice, and Auburn is at a clear disadvantage; 11-5, in fact. It is no wonder they can’t keep up their play for the full 50 minutes. After the first half, Auburn was down 1-0, but they still played hard.

Even in the second, the Rockets did their best, but the lack of fresh legs took its toll as Shrewsbury racked up goal after goal. They stop counting at 6, and there were more than that.

On a positive note, these younger players have great determination, and those who can move up to varsity next season will be a welcomed addition.