Officer Phil Delivers Safety Message

by | Jan 15, 2015

The Auburn Police Department and Auburn Public Schools teamed up to bring the Officer Phil program back to Auburn’s elementary schools this year.  The presentation provides students with important safety tips in a fun and memorable way.  The program has come to Auburn several times now, and is always popular with the students.   It is not hard to see why.  Officer Phil (portrayed by J.T.) performed magic, illusions, and ventriloquism with the help of his friend, Turbo Turtle.

Officer Phil got the Bryn Mawr Kindergarten and first grade students’ attention with quick magic trick, and kept them entertained for the next half hour. He spoke to the children about a variety of safety topics, including bus safety, wearing seatbelts, and computer safety.

Officer Phil then spent several minutes talking about respecting others’ differences, and how to handle bullies.  He then spoke about stranger danger.  Using colorful scarves, Officer Phil the students to remember red for run, yellow for yell, and green for tell.  As the children responded with a loud “Run! Yell! Tell!”, Officer Phil collected the scarves and produced one multi colored scarf to the delight of the kids.

Then out came Turbo Turtle, a puppet with which Officer Phil did a surprisingly good ventriloquist act that had the students roaring.

Officer Phil – J.T. – says he performs as many as 200 of these presentations each year all over the Northeast.  He has been with Creative Safety Products for 14 years.  The Hackensack, NJ-based business was founded in 1975.

“The kids remember the messages” said J.T.  “The students remember us and get excited when they see us come back to their school.”

The officer Phil program was also presented at Pakachoag, Mary D Stone and Julia Bancroft elementary schools this week.