Officer Phil Kid Safety Program to Visit Elementary Schools

by | Jan 8, 2015

The Officer Phil Child Safety PrograOfficer Philm will be coming to Bryn Mawr, Julia Bancroft, Pakachoag and Mary D. Stone Schools next week. With the Auburn Police Department’s participation, the Officer Phil Program will emphasize some important topics.  The programs will be presented at Bryn Mawr School on Monday, January 12 and at Pakachoag, Julia Bancroft and Mary D. Stone Schools on January 13.

Since the program is adapted for elementary grade students, the lessons will be taught in a fun, entertaining way. Much to the children’s enjoyment, one of Officer Phil’s Pals, Turbo the Turtle, will be there to help teach the lessons.

The program begins with an introduction of the Auburn Police Officers in attendance. It is important for the children to know that officers are friendly, approachable, and work to keep them safe every day. They are always around to help the children if they need it.

The children’s attention will easily be attained starting with the first magic trick. This trick gets the children focused and reinforces some important program “rules”: no talking, paying attention, laughing, learning and having fun.

Once the Edu-tainer has their attention, the children are asked to recall some safety rules that they use at home, at school, or out and about. The Edu-tainer shares his ideas regarding bus safety, car safety, and internet safety. Each idea is represented by a light which is tossed into a magic bag. The children volunteer to “toss” up some of their ideas and the Edu-tainer magically catches them and places them into the bag as well. With the last toss all the “bright ideas” light up the bag. The children love this visual as they can see their safety rules being shared with the audience.

Stranger Awareness is covered each year and this year’s lesson is illustrated by “blending” four different colored scarves together. For this illustration, each scarf represents a safety rule to remember when dealing with strangers. Blue=Don’t Go: Strangers can be in person or online. If you don’t know them, don’t go with them. Red=Run: If a stranger wants you to go with them, run away and get to a safe place with other grownups as fast as you can. Yellow=Yell: While you run away, yell “stranger” or “stranger danger”. If others see you, that will help scare the stranger away. Green=Tell: As soon as you are safe, tell a grownup you know what happened. When the scarves are put together, they are magically blended to form one scarf just as these rules will all come together to form one rule that will keep you safe if a stranger bothers you: DON’T GO, RUN, YELL, and TELL a grownup what happened.

This year, the Officer Phil Program will also talk about the value of respect. As the Edu-tainer pulls rabbits from a hat, the children are reminded that, like the rabbits, they are all different. They do not all act the same, dress the same, or look the same. But even though they are all different, they can still work together to help each other be the best they can be. The Edu-tainer will emphasize that they should treat others the way they want to be treated and show respect for their peers, families, teachers, the police, and most important, show respect for themselves.

As mentioned earlier, Officer Phil’s Special Pal this year is Turbo the Turtle. Turbo will be welcomed with great enthusiasm. He will talk to the children about making healthy choices such as eating right, drinking plenty of water, exercising and getting enough rest. Turbo loves to skateboard so he reinforces the importance of wearing a helmet, too. Last, Turbo will address the issue of bullying.

Since Turbo acts different, he understands the importance of accepting each other’s differences. He wants the children to know that if they are being bullied or know someone who is being bullied that it is okay to talk to a grownup they know about the situation or how they feel, like a teacher, a family member, or even a police officer. The police officers are always there to help keep them safe.

The final review of all the safety lessons learned will happen at the end of the program when the children participate in a trivia game. The children will be divided into two teams. They will be given different scenarios and asked to think about the lessons they learned during the assembly. Together the children will have lots of fun coming up with the right answers.

The program will close with Turbo saying goodbye to the students and thanking everyone in attendance that made this safety assembly possible including the officers and teachers. The Auburn Police Department and The Officer Phil Program also would like to thank all of the businesses in the community who participate in the program.

As a post assembly activity for a job well done, teachers, parents and children will be encouraged to go to the website and request additional materials. There are some supplemental materials and other fun things that will reinforce the lessons taught in the program and in the activity books the children receive after the program. If you would like more information about the Officer Phil Program visit to your local schools, please contact Creative Safety Products by email at or by phone at 1-888-825-7445.