Girls Hockey Drops One to Shrewsbury

by | Jan 5, 2015

By John Anderson

Hockey is a struggle without consistent lines, and Auburn is challenged here. They have two solid lines that perform well, but they lack a third. It was no surprise, then, when Shrewsbury beat them 7-1 on Saturday.

There was little change when the Colonials swapped out their lines, and any weak players were hidden. They were even strong when they were at the wrong end of a power play. That’s one advantage of a large high school with an established hockey program.

The Rockets play very well in the second period while it appears they are warming up in the first and exhausted in the third. Consequently, Shrewsbury was ahead 2-0 after the first.

Seven minutes into the second, Katie Mason scored with a Rachel Crowley assist, and the Rockets were in the game. The Colonials scored two minutes later and led 3-1 after two.



Auburn continued their hard work in the third, but Shrewsbury earned 4 more goals and won 7-1. Nicole LaCroix had 35 saves for the Rockets, and Delia O’Connor had 15 for the Colonials.

Coach Peter LaPrad said the team made it into the playoffs last season with a 500 record. “I wanted to move up the quality of our competition this year.” Unfortunately, some of the toughest opponents were at the beginning of the schedule, so it’s been rough.

Coach LaPrad added, “We’ve competed really well, and I’m very proud of their play. They’re meeting my expectations.” “We have a good team atmosphere.” The girls play Oakmont away on Wednesday.