Two Shopping Days Left

by | Dec 23, 2014

By John Anderson

Photo John Anderson

Photo John Anderson

On Monday, there were three shopping days left until Christmas, but the clock has now ticked down to two. When Auburn Mass Daily stopped by the Auburn Mall yesterday, it was abuzz with shoppers.

At the Sears end, the gingerbread “Frozen” display constructed by local chef John Mauro attracted many shoppers. Kalyn Leverone of Leicester was with her three daughters, and the oldest two, Laycie (4 years) and Autumn (3 years), were totally engaged. 20 month-old Hailey had more interest in the photographer.

The line for Santa was not like the weekend, but it wasn’t short either. The staff kept things moving along, helped get the right expression from the children, and printed photos.

The Christmas train was also popular with all cars holding “passengers.” Not bad for a Monday morning at 11:30am.