‘Frozen’ Gingerbread Castle Construction Commences

by | Dec 19, 2014

Local chef John Mauro has begun building a giant, ‘Frozen’-inspired castle at the Auburn Mall.  His work is set up just outside of Olympia Sports, and he is there most mornings and evenings.  Mauro invites everyone to come watch the castle take shape.

While ‘gingerbread castle’ is a bit of a misnomer, everything used in the construction of the castle is edible.  There is quite a lot of gingerbread, but Mauro also uses melted and colored sugar to create the ice and water looks.  He even used uncooked pasta to create a base for some of the landscaping.

This Saturday at 10am, Senator Michael Moore will be on hand helping Mauro with some of the construction.  Moore was instrumental in working with Mauro and Rep. Paul Frost to establish September 25 as Ataxia Awareness Day in the Commonwealth.



Mauro is continuing a tradition of elaborate gingerbread displays that he uses to help promote awareness for Ataxia, a group of about 30 different but related degenerative neurological disorders. Some symptoms of a person who may be suffering from this disease often include impairment of coordination, hearing, vision and speech. Unfortunately at this time, there is no effective treatment or cure for Ataxia.

Mauro expects the castle to be completed by Dec. 20, and will remain on display through Christmas week.