Manicure Mania at Auburn Senior Center

by | Dec 15, 2014

The Bay Path Cosmetology Students were at the Auburn Senior Center again this year with their instructors.  Each year, sophomore Cosmetology students offer complementary manicures to seniors at the Auburn Senior Center.This experience is valuable to both students and seniors, offering essential employment skills required for students to become successful in the trade along with offering companionship to the seniors.


Veronica Martinez and Mikayla Steifert work on Joan Brigham and Ken Hall. Photo Robert Breault


From left, Sophomores’ Taryn Stevens and Samantha Partridge perform nail treatments to Doris Wesolowski and Adrienne Comtois. Photo Robert Breault.


Taryn Stevens offers a massage and manicure to Leona Racki. Photo Robert Breault.