Selectmen Sign Purchase & Sale for Post Property

by | Dec 5, 2014

By John Anderson


In a somewhat anticlimactic meeting, the Board of Selectmen voted to purchase 50 acres of land on Southold Rd. and South Meadow Rd. from the Sylvia C. Post Limited Partnerships I and IV. Although the public hearing was reopened, there wasn’t a peep from the audience, and the Board went about the business of taking votes and signing paperwork.

A future meeting when a potential $1 million gift will be discussed probably won’t be so quiet. The donation carries very strict restrictions on the land use and only allows passive recreation open space. Many citizens have already come out against accepting the gift.

There are a handful of house lots on Southold Rd. that the Board was unable to purchase since they don’t fall within the Chapter 61A (Agricultural) designation. How the Post Partnerships handle those properties is unknown, but development has already been approved by the town.

During five nights of public hearings, over 35 residents spoke to the Board and offered their opinions on the purchase. Many more have emailed selectmen. In the end, Dan Carpenter read the motion for the Board to exercise its right to purchase the land. The subsequent vote was unanimous.