Field Hockey State Final Slide Show

by | Nov 20, 2014

By John Anderson

When I photograph an event, I try not to focus only on the stars. The chorus member in a musical feels as proud to be on the stage as the lead, and the sweeper in soccer has a role as important as the lead scorer. In team events, no member is inconsequential.

At a typical sporting event, I take between 200 and 400 photographs. Many are trashed in my initial edit for being out of focus, blurred or even ruined by a referee stepping in front of my lens. I often cull out 50% before selecting those for publication. I want to publish my best work, but I also want our readers to get a sense of the game.

In fairness to all players, I sometimes abandon the traditional photography locations to get a view of the defense and the goalie. In football, I sometimes stay behind the opposing team’s possession to see the Rockets’ defense. After all, Auburn Mass Daily is about Auburn and not its competition.

Last year, I photographed the winning soccer goal against Auburn, and I emailed a photo to a newspaper in North County. I had met their sports writer and he was nice. I was obviously at Auburn’s offensive end, and when the editor emailed back looking for a photo with faces, I was not nice. I was offering a decent image of a winning goal for free, but “his” players had their backs to me. The only face was the Rocket goalie. Too bad they didn’t send a photographer.

This is my last slide show of a field hockey game for the season, but I will be posting one of Senior Night which I frankly haven’t had time to complete. We are currently offering a 10% discount on purchase off our Zenfolio site, so this is a great time to get a memory of your child or get some great holiday gifts.

Under each slide show, click on “Purchase downloads, prints and more” and you can navigate to all sporting events from this fall. Enjoy the slide show and take home some memories. Thanks for viewing.


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