Auburn Vets Can Cut Their Taxes

by | Nov 11, 2014

Town of Auburn offers Veterans Tax Work-off Program

taxQualified veterans are qualified to reduce their property taxes by volunteering for the Town of Auburn in various capacities.  According to Town Assessor, Cynthia Cosgrove, there has not been much interest in this program, and she hopes that by publicizing it more applicants will come forward. 

Interested veterans should contact the Assessor’s office, Town Hall, 104 Central St in Auburn, or call (508) 832-7708.

Overview of the program:

For the first year of the program 5 slots will be available for up to $1,000 per participant. Rate of pay will be equivalent to Massachusetts minimum wage. This would be approximately 121 hours at the current rate of pay. Should there be more applicants than slots available they will be chosen by lottery. Any qualified applicants not selected will be given priority the next year. Funding for the program is charged to the Assessors overlay account.

To qualify for the program Applicants must:

  • Be classified as a Veteran under IAW MGL c.4 sec7 cl.43rd, or spouse of a deceased or disabled Veteran.
  • Must own property in Auburn for at least one year to meet the residency requirement.
  • Must occupy the Auburn residence as their primary domicile.
  • Have a successful CORI/SORI background check.
  • Veterans over the age of 60 must not qualify for the Senior Work-off program to participate. They must apply for the Senior Program and be disqualified prior to applying for the Veterans Program.
  • Veterans must meet HUD low income limits (80% of median) for the Town of Auburn.
  • Disabled Veterans may qualify by designating a representative to work for them.

Documentation to prove qualification must be presented at the post application interview, and will be returned to the applicant upon its conclusion. No sensitive information will be kept as part of the work-off program participant’s permanent file.