APD Apprehends Suspect After Chase, Search

by | Nov 6, 2014


File photo.

Auburn Police arrested 28 year old Jarred Anderson of Webster following a police chase and extensive search.

At about 10am Wednesday morning, Sgt. Todd Lemon witnessed a Toyota Camry nearly strike a pedestrian  at the Auburn Mall.  Sgt. Lemon attempted to stop  the vehicle, but the driver refused to pull over and fled on Auburn St. toward Rockland Rd.

According to Police Chief Andrew Sluckis, the driver crashed the vehicle along Rockland Rd., and fled into the woods.  Auburn and State Police, including an Auburn K-9 unit and State Police Air Wing helicopter searched the area extensively.  The K-9 was able to track the suspect’s escape from Rockland Rd. to Wallace Ave., but then lost the trail.

Several hours later, the suspect reportedly used a stolen credit card at Kane’s Shell on Southbridge St. He was spotted by police in the area of the Auburn Motel at about 1pm and was arrested by Auburn Police after a brief struggle with officers.

Social media was abuzz for much of the midday as people responded to the heavy police activity in the Oxford St./Auburn St. area.  A State Police Air Wing helicopter circled overhead, and officers with a K9 searched the Rockland Rd. neighborhood.

Several local parents stated that they were told the schools were not in ‘lockdown’, but children were kept inside during recess and there were no outside activities.  There was much relief when it was reported the suspect had been caught before schools let out for the afternoon.  Julia Bancroft, Bryn Mawr, Auburn Middle School and Auburn High School are all in the general vicinity of where police were conducting the initial search.

Chief Sluckis said Anderson will be charged with receiving a stolen motor vehicle; Receiving a stolen credit card; Operating a motor vehicle to endanger; Failure to stop for police; Resisting Arrest; Red Light violations; Speeding.

Anderson is scheduled to be arraigned on Thursday.