Auburn Town Race Showcases Speedy Students

by | Oct 31, 2014

Submitted photo.

The annual Auburn Town Race was held at AHS yesterday, with nearly 50 elementary students vying for the fastest kid title.

Students are given the opportunity to qualify for the race early in the school year.  There are two heats – 3rd to 5th grade boys and 3rd to 5th grade girls from both Pakachoag School and Julia Bancroft School.  On race day, each group starts on the baseball field at AHS, runs along the outfield fence, into the track, take one full run around the track to the finish line.

While only one boy and one girl can claim the title of Auburn’s Fastest, all of the participants should be congratulated for their accomplishment in qualifying.

The 2014 winners are:


1. Caroline Messina – 5th Grade – Julia Bancroft

2. Katie O’Reilly – 5th Grade – Pakachoag

3. Hanorah Murphy – 4th Grade – Pakachoag

4. Emma Johnson – 5th Grade – Julia Bancroft

5. Karina Sargent – 5th Grade – Julia Bancroft



Town Race 0002

1. Joe Barnes – 5th Grade – Julia Bancroft

2. Mike Nadeau – 5th Grade – Pakachoag

3. Bryan Cavanaugh – 4th Grade – Julia Bancroft

4. Jack Beauregard – 4th Grade – Pakachoag

5. Jared Skaparas – 5th Grade – Julia Bancroft