Town Meeting Proceeds Without a Hitch

by | Oct 22, 2014

By John Anderson

Town Moderator Charlie Baker listens to a question from a Member. ©John R. Anderson

Town Moderator Charlie Baker listens to a question from a Member. ©John R. Anderson

Last night’s Special Town Meeting went about as smoothly as anyone could hope for, and 22 articles were passed in about two hours. A quorum was reached shortly after 7:00 PM, and Town Moderator Charlie Baker kept the meeting moving at a near record pace. Article 1 reports from Finance Chairman Kevin Hussey, Board of Selectmen Chair Doreen Goodrich, and School Superintendent Maryellen Brunelle were pleasantly brief.

School Building Committee Chairman Mark Imse gave a thorough update on the middle school construction that remains on time and under budget. This project is flying by with visible changes every day.

Article 2, clarified by CFO Ed Kazanovicz, passed and set the town budget at $56,078,333.33. The School District now has the funding in place to meet the requirements of the Massachusetts School Building Authority and is one step closer to the accelerated repairs to the roofs at 10 Swanson Rd. and Bryn Mawr and boiler repairs at 10 Swanson Rd.

Article 21 which would “grant the Town Manager the authority to research, develop, and participate in a contract, or contracts, to aggregate the electricity load of the residents and businesses in the Town…” generated the most debate. The Town previously entered into a similar agreement and has a locked in a rate for three years that is well below National Grid’s.

Although the article passed, there was a lot of resistance. Ironically, the efforts of our town government could save both residents and businesses significant dollars down the road if they opt in.

Town Manager Julie Jacobson announced that there will be a public hearing on Monday, October 27th about the proposed development off Southold Rd. Auburn Mass Daily will provide more details.