Treasurer Candidate Heffernan Visits Central Mass.

by | Oct 21, 2014

State Treasurer candidate, Mike Heffernan, pictured at center, with State Representative, Paul Frost (R) and campaign volunteer Brent Anderson (L)

State Treasurer candidate, Mike Heffernan, pictured at center, with State Representative, Paul Frost (R) and campaign volunteer Brent Anderson (L)

Mike Heffernan considers himself a businessperson, not a politician.  Yet he found the time was right to give back, and is now a candidate for Massachusetts State Treasurer. “You run because you care” Heffernan said during a recent campaign stop at Bentley’s Pub in Auburn.

Heffernan is a native of Southboro and now resides in Wellesley with his wife and three children.  He has an extensive business background, dating to his college days when he started a painting business.  He earned a degree in finance from Georgetown and an MBA from New York University.  He also holds an MPA from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

Heffernan has a long track record in finance, working in the financial services industry.  He also has an entrepreneurial background, co-founding Mobiquity, Inc. based in Wellesley.

“We need private sector experience in our government” said Heffernan.  “Career politicians and elected officials with private sector experience need to work together.  It’s about people, not party” he adds.

One of Heffernan’s top priorities is job creation, especially outside of I495.  “I’d like to see companies scale in Mass., not relocating.  I’d like to see more growth in the western areas of the state” says Heffernan.  One of his objectives is to increase the Small Business Banking Partnership program from $350 million to $1 billion.  This would provide additional loan money to spur local business growth.

Another area Heffernan would address is local aid, which was cut by over 40% during the 2008-2009 downturn.  While local aid has been increasing, it still has not returned to the levels of 2008, according to Heffernan.  Much of this local aid impact education at the local level, another priority for Heffernan.

“I would expand the financial literacy programs through schools, veterans services, criminal justice system, really across the board.” says Heffernan.  “I’d bring the private sector into public service, and create more partnerships.  I’d like to see these financial literacy initiatives embrace technology and offer education online.  This is a cost effective and high quality approach.”

Ultimately, Heffernan believes, job creation and education go hand in hand.  His strategy is that promoting financial stability in our cities and towns builds better education systems.  Job growth and business growth drives that stability.

“Today, business comes to Massachusetts in spite of our regulatory environment.  I want to create an environment that attracts these business” Heffernan says.  That’s where Heffernan belives his finance and private sector background sets him apart as a candidate. “I will offer soutions, not sound bites.”