Think Spring – Baseball, Softball, Lacrosse Registrations Now Open

by | Oct 3, 2014

Though the weather gets cooler and daylight shortens, it’s already time to think about spring sports registrations.  Auburn Little League, Auburn Fastpitch Softball, and Auburn/Worcester Bandits Lacrosse have all opened their spring registrations.  United Soccer of Auburn registration will also be opening shortly.

Auburn Little League


Auburn Little League programs open to boys and girls ages 4-16.   We are offering a FREE pilot program for Little League Softball.  All girls who register ONLINE with Auburn Little League PRIOR TO OCT. 18 will receive FREE REGISTRATION for the 2015 SPRING SEASON.


Co-ed Divisions: T-Ball (ages 4-5, must be 4 by 5/1/15), Coach Pitch (ages 6-7)

Baseball Divisions: AA and AAA (8-11), Majors (9-12)**, Intermediate (11-13), Juniors (13-14), Seniors (ages 15-16)

Softball Divisions: Minors (ages 8-10)** and Majors (ages 10-12)**

 Cost is $105 for all Baseball Registrations

 All players may register online: or in person:

Date: Saturday, Oct. 18

Time: 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Place: Auburn High School cafeteria

 **Registration Deadline for Softball and Baseball Majors is Saturday, Oct. 18

Questions: Email:

Auburn Little League Baseball or Softball 2015 registration flyer: 2015 reg flyer.jpg


Auburn Fast Pitch Softball


Auburn Fastpitch League

Auburn Fast Pitch Spring Softball runs April through June.

It is for all ages 5-16.

We are offering 2 younger divisions at a discounted 50$ rate this year.

  • T-Ball
  • U8 Coach Pitch

Our older divisions are $100 this year.

  • U10 Instructional
  • U12
  • U14\U16 Senior division


Worcester/Auburn Bandits Lacrosse


We have opened 2015 Spring registration for returning players

We will have between 1-2 teams for a few of the boys teams, so we need to know before December if we can get a second team at each level.

Our girls teams need help to recruit players at both the U11 (3rd and 4th grade) and U13 (5th and 6th grade) age groups, so please help spread the word.

Please register and today and help spread the word for Bandits Youth Lacrosse.



Editorial note: As a parent, coach and league board member, I am frequently asked – and I used to wonder myself – why registrations are held so far in advance of the season.  There is a lot to do between the end of one season and the beginning of the next.  Inventories need to be taken.  Equipment needs to be ordered.  Uniforms, hats, tee shirts, etc., need to be ordered and printed, and custom printed items can take 6-8 weeks to come in.  In order to place these orders, league equipment managers need to have at least a reasonable idea of the numbers of players and what sizes are required.

For instance,  during my tenure as Little League equipment manager, I would order embroidered hats and screened tee shirts for younger players in early January.  Once team rosters and sponsors were finalized, the hats would go back through to be embroidered with the team sponsor name and the tee shirts would be screened with their team sponsor names.  Anyone who has been around Auburn Little League knows that having hats and shirts in time for Opening Day in mid April is still a challenge.

For travel teams like Bandits Lacrosse, Auburn Fastpitch and United Soccer of Auburn, rosters must be submitted to and approved by the regional league before scheduling can be completed.  In the case of soccer, as an example, Midland Area Youth Soccer (MAYS) has to schedule over 400 teams in 5 age divisions, by gender and by division 1, 2 or 3.   Coaches and volunteers need to be lined up based on the numbers of players registered, which will then dictate the numbers of teams.  Coaches and league coordinators meet to roster players (sometimes called the draft, though that is not exactly what it is except perhaps for Little League) in January or early February.

And by the way, all of this work is completed by volunteers.

Late registrations can create big headaches for league officials.  As uniforms and equipment have likely already been ordered, it can be a challenge to get the correct size and color uniform for a late registered player.  Our vendors don’t like to do “one-offs”, and they cost the leagues significantly more than bulk orders. Also, since rosters are submitted and approved so early, late additions require the rosters to be resubmitted.  There’s also the possibility that rosters are full,  and the late registration can’t be placed on a team.

So, while it can be challenging as a parent to be thinking about spring sports during apple picking season, it is a necessary evil.