Field Hockey Topples Uxbridge 7-0

by | Sep 26, 2014

By John Anderson

Statistics don’t tell the whole story, and in some places, like the NFL, they’re down right annoying. Do we really need to know a touchdown was made by a #43 for the first time in the last 2 minutes of the third quarter on an overcast day in Dallas? Fortunately in high school sports, things are simplified.

One question in net sports like soccer and field hockey is, “How many shots on goal were there for each team?” When Carolyn Jeffries counted them up and said 59, my jaw dropped. How many for Uxbridge? Three. When added to Auburn’s 7 goals, that means 66 shots were taken by the Rockets during a 60 minute game. Hats off to the Spartan goalie for stopping 59. Even if this number is slightly inaccurate, the number of shots is still impressive, and the Uxbridge defense did well. Auburn’s defense was also top notch since only three shots made it to the net, and goalie Abby Lucas stopped them all for her fifth shutout of the season.


On the offensive side, Auburn had three goals in the first half. Jordan Lavallee scored the first two and Casey Gurlitz assisted on both. Gurlitz went on to score on her own with an assist by Kileigh Hynes.

Carly Zona scored an unassisted goal to start the second half. Shannon Hynes followed with a Jess Clifford assist. Clifford would then score on her own, unassisted, and Caitlyn Bailey would make the final goal, also unassisted.

The Rockets are now 5-1 and face Quaboag (8-0-1) in Warren this afternoon.