Girls Tie Pittsfield 1-1

by | Sep 22, 2014

By John Anderson

In a tough, competitive soccer game on Saturday, Auburn tied their annual rivals, the Pittsfield Generals. Pittsfield was the visiting team this year, and the squads could not have been better matched. Each hit the pitch with determination, skill, and heart.




Nobody would score until the 63rd minute when the Generals slipped a ball across the plane. In last year’s match, Pittsfield won 1-0, so this goal was of particular concern. 4 minutes later, however, a feed from Symantha Brothers gave Jordyn Abasciano the opportunity to score, and she did not disappoint.

Auburn had 6 shots on net while Pittsfield had 7. Assistant Coach Jane June thought the Rockets had good energy and played well. Pittsfield is a D1 school in a city with 44,000 residents. About 950 students attend Pittsfield High, one of three high schools in the community.