Granger Presented With Post Cane

by | Sep 18, 2014

By Jeff LaBonte

Clifford Granger, 99, is Auburn’s oldest resident and the latest recipient of the Boston Post Cane.  In a packed Senior Center, family, friends, and dignitaries gathered to see Mr. Granger receive the cane, which he did with style.

“At 99, Cliffy has the best memory of anyone I’ve ever known” said Town Historian, Ken Ethier, as he presented the cane.

Indeed, Mr. Granger is as sharp as can be, maintains a sense of humor, and continues to live independently in his family home on Prospect Hill.  As Town Clerk Ellen Gaboury presented Granger with the Boston Post Cane plaque, Granger asked who was governor of Mass. when the Post Canes were introduced.  “I hope he was Republican” joked Granger.

Ethier went on about Granger’s exceptional memory, telling a story of a trip the two had taken to Petersham.  “On the way home, Cliffy said ‘Don’t go the way we came. That was roundabout.  Go this way.’  Cliffy went on ‘Take a left here, take a right here.’  He asked, ‘Do you know where you are now?’  I said ‘No.’  He said ‘ You will after this next turn.’  Then we turned into the center of Barre.  I asked ‘Cliffy, how did you know that?’  Cliff said ‘I used to hunt up here with my father in the 1920s’!”

State Representative Paul Frost especially liked Granger’s ‘Republican’ crack. Rep. Frost presented Granger with a proclamation from the Massachusetts House recognizing Granger’s longevity.  Auburn Selectman Doreen Goodrich presented both a proclamation from Sen. Michael Moore and one from the Town of Auburn.

While these ceremonies are always special, this one had a little extra with Granger having been a lifelong Auburn resident and the contributions he’s made to the town.  Utilizing his remarkable memory and his history in the town, Granger has been invaluable to the Auburn Historical Society, for example.

“The Auburn History Book would not have happened without Cliff” exclaimed Auburn Historical Society president, Sari Bitticks.  “He gave hours and hours helping identify photographs and telling stories behind them.  His recollection of town history and events was just amazing.”

Enjoy some photographs from Tuesday’s ceremony.