Girls Soccer Tops Bartlett 7-0

by | Sep 15, 2014

By John Anderson

In a mismatched contest Monday afternoon, Auburn’s girls soccer soundly defeated visiting Bartlett 7-0. The game was technically over 4 minutes in when Jianna Baroni scored with a Colleen Cutting assist. 30 seconds later, Jenna Matthews scored assisted by Lauren Ferris. For Auburn, the mix of scorers and assisters was varied with 10 different players getting points, and all this occurred in the first half.

Other goals were: 14:00 Colleen Cutting/Jordyn Abasciano assist; 16:00 Jordyn Abasciano/Liz Anusauskas assist; 21:00 Sarah Cavanaugh/Jillian MacDonald assist; 26:00 Samantha Moreau/Colleen Cutting assist; and 35:00 Stephanie Peterson/Jillian MacDonald assist.

Coach Larry Midura had his bench on the field for a good part of this game, and they, like the starters, had no trouble shutting down the Indians. Goalies Sarah Fahey and Danielle Hearnlaye looked totally bored since Bartlett had 0 shots on net. Auburn only had 9 shots, 2 of which were gentle taps in the second half that the Indians’ keeper could easily snag.

The entire second half was nothing more than a practice with half the players in green uniforms, but it was a good workout. 40 minutes of give and go’s, passing, and evasive moves is tiring. The Rockets will have their annual match with Pittsfield High School on Saturday, 2:30 PM at Memorial Field.

The boys played Bartlett away yesterday and lost 1-0 in another tough game.