Citizen’s Fire Academy Accepting Applications

by | Sep 4, 2014

Next Class Begins Oct. 8

Group photo from first CFA class in 2013.  Photo courtesy Auburn Fire Rescue Dept.

Group photo from first CFA class in 2013. Photo courtesy Auburn Fire Rescue Dept.

The Auburn Fire Rescue Department Citizens Fire Academy (CFA) is open to persons 18 or older who either live or work in the Town of Auburn. This 8-week program includes approximately 24 hours of instruction. Classes meet on Wednesday nights. There is an optional Saturday program during the course where interested members can become certified in CPR and first aid.

Sessions are approximately 3 hours in length from 6:00pm to 9:00pm and held at the West Auburn fire station, 7 West Street, Auburn MA, 01501. Class size will be limited to 20 students. The academy concludes with a graduation celebration. Class members will receive a certificate of completion from the Auburn Fire Rescue Department.

Designed for adults to learn more about how the fire department is organized and operates, the CFA hopes to better inform the residents of Auburn as to the purpose and inner workings of the Auburn Fire Rescue Department. The CFA also encourages citizens to return to their neighborhoods and relay to their friends and neighbors the proper procedures to use to become more safety conscious citizens. The CFA will provide an interactive forum for both the Fire Rescue Department and the citizens to share information.

Anticipated Benefits:

  • The opportunity to receive basic CPR instruction and certification.
  • Receive fundamental knowledge in first aid.
  • The opportunity to be able to react in a positive manner should some type of fire or medical emergencies arise.
  • An increased awareness and knowledge to keep your home and workplace accident free.
  • A better understanding of why and how the Fire Rescue Department conducts itself in an emergency.
  • The opportunity to interact and address community concerns relative to the Fire Rescue Department.

All class instructors are members of the Auburn Fire Rescue Department and are committed to providing appropriate information to all participants in the CFA. All instructors are State of Massachusetts Certified Firefighters or Certified in their field of expertise. Members of the department will assist in many of the hands-on drills.

Each session will average 20 participants. A larger group inhibits frequent interaction between participants and instructors. SAFETY is of the utmost concern and limiting participants allows for a safer learning environment.

Citizens are selected based on demographics and citizen’s ability to reach other members in their community. In preparing for the CFA, efforts will be made to include members of the educational, religious, and business community, as well as media representatives. Final selection of participants rest with the Fire Rescue Department Administration. General background checks of potential participants will be done. Participants will be contacted to ensure they are familiar with the program and the time commitment involved.

It is imperative for the participants to realize that the Citizens Fire Academy is a learning experience to help them better handle themselves in emergency situations. It is not intended to train them as firefighters or assist at a fire.

Applications for the CFA can be picked up at fire headquarters, 47 Auburn Street or downloaded by clicking on the application document. Applications should be mailed to;

Auburn Fire Rescue Department
Citizens Fire Academy
47 Auburn Street
Auburn, MA 01501
Attn.: Chief Stephen M. Coleman Jr.

For questions related to the Citizens Fire Academy call or e-mail

Chief Stephen M. Coleman Jr.
(508) 832-7800