Sutton Appointed to School Committee

by | Aug 29, 2014

By John Anderson

For the second time in four months, three qualified candidates stepped up to join the school committee. In Auburn’s annual town election in May, Dorothy Sutton lost by 26 votes to Jessie Harrington and Gail Holloway. On Wednesday evening, facing a joint meeting of the School Committee and Board of Selectmen, Ms. Sutton prevailed. She receiveed 7 votes while former School Committee member Lee Ann Gibree got 2 and David Saltz earned 1.

Dorothy Sutton shakes hands with outgoing School Committee Chair, Jeff Lourie.

Dorothy Sutton shakes hands with outgoing School Committee Chair, Jeff Lourie.

Ms. Sutton will serve until the town election next May, and she plans to run for the remaining year of Jeff Lourie’s term. Lourie, Uxbridge’s new Police Chief, resigned effective September 1st since he is moving to the new community he serves.

Dorothy Sutton is very soft spoken, but her words have a lot of content. She follows the Auburn School District and the Committee closely and actually cited some budget numbers in her presentation. She also talked about “putting the kids’ needs first”, but she acknowledged the need to work responsibly with the budget.

Ms. Sutton was pleased with her appointment from “equally worthy candidates” and said she was “looking forward to taking the role seriously.” Sutton works on an international basis for Oracle as a project/program Manager of clinical research databases.

Sutton has worked with Auburn Youth and Family Services for several years and she coordinates their annual Rocket Race road race that will be held on September 21st at Auburn High School.

Before the meeting concluded, Mr. Lourie thanked the people of Auburn for supporting him, and he gave a heartfelt description of his first campaign for the School Committee. He gave a special thanks to Police Chief Sluckis’ father, Andrew Sluckis Sr., who Lourie considers a mentor. “Mr. Sluckis is the class act.”

(Note: My apologies to Dorothy Sutton for the delay in getting this published. I was working on the article last night when the accident at Julia Bancroft School came in over my scanner. With the potential for significant damage to a town building and the possible effect on the next school day, it was of greater priority. Fortunately I had already posted the appointment on our Facebook page. Congratulations Dorothy!)