Truck Crashes into Julia Bancroft: “Unfortunate Accident”

by | Aug 28, 2014

School Will Be Open Today

By John Anderson

A thirty-year-old driver trying to fix a mechanical issue with his truck caused a crash that took out the main entrance to Julia Bancroft School. The Building Inspector has determined there is no structural damage, and Superintendent Maryellen Brunelle says the building will be ready for students this morning.

The driver’s pickup was not running, and he exited the vehicle to clean a battery connection. Being a standard transmission, he left it in gear but forgot to turn off the ignition switch. Once the electrical connection was made, the truck lurched forward and nearly ran over him before striking the building. He was slightly injured but declined medical treatment. The Auburn Police Department investigated the accident and said no charges would be forthcoming. It was an unfortunate accident.



All three doors were destroyed by the crash and all on-duty custodians will be at JB throughout the night to clean up the area and make it safe for the students. There is only one overnight custodian in the Auburn schools, but the second shift workers were staying on to help although they already worked their eight hours.

Director of Maintenance Joe Fahey was on the scene and was confident Thursday morning would be “business as usual.” He also called in an electrician to make sure there were no underlying issues in the accident area.

Again, school is open today at JB.