Bobcat Lurking Around Bancroft St.

by | Aug 25, 2014

A reader wrote us earlier today about a bobcat she spotted in her backyard on Bancroft St.

“It spent about two hours in our backyard between 5pm and 7pm” Lindsay Milot said by e-mail.  “It doesn’t seem too timid” she added.

Milot also managed to capture this photo of the cat.


Photo submitted by Lindsay Milot

Bobcat are not terribly rare in our area, and are fairly regularly seen in certain areas of Auburn, such as in the Leicester St./Rochdale area, and around South St./Cedar/Barnes near the Oxford and Millbury lines.

According to the MassWildlife website, however, bobcat are generally shy and reclusive.  Once a bobcat captures prey, they are known to cover the remains with dirt and leaves and come back to the carcass to feed, which may be why this bobcat was lingering so long in one area.

Unusual behavior in the animals should be noted and reported to authorities. Bobcats are capable of contracting rabies, and may behave unpredictably if they do.

As with any wild animals, it is best to keep a safe distance, and to call 911 if you feel there is any danger from the animal.