National Guard Exercise Has Residents Looking Up

by | Aug 21, 2014

A National Guard helicopter hovering over neighborhoods in Auburn attracted a lot of attention, and a few rumors, Wednesday morning.  The activity was not a part of any emergency or incident, but was just part of routine training maneuvers, according the Auburn Town Manager’s office.  Auburn Police had been made aware of the activity.

Initially, some assumed (including us at AMD) that National Grid was conducting more survey work along power lines, as they had been earlier this summer.  We do not have word on whether the activity is scheduled to continue tomorrow or in the future.

While it can be unsettling to have a military helicopter hovering over your home for a period of time, it did make for some cool pics, like this one provided by Jessica Coughlin of Auburn.

NG Copter Coughlin

















Another view of the helicopter departing the area was captured by Auburn Mass Daily’s own John Anderson.