Top Off Held for New Middle School

by | Aug 15, 2014

By John Anderson

A Top Off Ceremony was held at the new Middle School site yesterday morning as a beam was installed to mark the completion of the steel work. Unfortunately, Wednesday’s rain kept the ironworkers on the ground, so this wasn’t the actual final beam. Nonetheless, an appreciative crowd applauded as the I-beam was hoisted and bolted in. The beam was painted white for the occasion and held an American Flag, a small evergreen tree, and the signatures from a multitude of students, officials, and guests.




Superintendent Maryellen Brunelle hosted the event and expressed her thanks to the design and construction team as well as the Auburn voters who made this possible. Senator Michael Moore made a short speech including these words, “When a child is given an education, the possibilities are endless. When a child gains a passion for learning, they begin to be filled with dreams and hope for the future.”

Representative Paul Frost reiterated the thanks that Auburn voters deserve for approving the project and mentioned his personal gratitude since two of his three daughters will experience the new school. Auburn Mass Daily will continue to update our readers as the project moves forward.