Topping Off Ceremony at New AMS This Morning

by | Aug 14, 2014

By John Anderson

(C) John Anderson

(C) John Anderson

The final structural steel beam of the new Auburn Middle School will be erected this morning at 10am. Superintendent Maryellen Brunelle is inviting any interested citizens to the brief ceremony and sent out a one call message also inviting anyone to sign the beam, which was painted white for the occasion. If you want to sign your name, it would be best to arrive well before 10am. The ceremony will take place on the Life Care side of the site.

The beam will be hidden after the structure is completed, but it will be partially visible in the attic although most folks won’t be allowed there. Local officials got a tour of the site on Tuesday night, and everyone seemed impressed. School Committee Vice Chair Wayne Page commented that “the site was very, very clean.” The project is on schedule and on budget.