The Town Race has been a welcomed activity for intermediate level students for many years. Initially, it was held at Lemansky Park before moving to the high school. This year, the race was relocated once again. Now named the Swanson Road Race, the competition was held at the intermediate school on October 25th under the direction of physical educational teacher Ann Shane.

On a bright afternoon (and without rain), the students took their marks on school grounds for the 800 meter (1/2 mile) race. All students were invited to time trials for the run, and the top 20 boys and 20 fastest girls were selected to be on the team.

Students started at the base of the bus loop and proceeded around the building and up onto the field for just about 2 laps. Spectators lined the fence and cheered the runners on throughout the exciting race.


Top finishers for the boys were: 5th grader Cavan Gardner in first, 4th grader Andan Bonneville in second and 4th grader Ronan Nee in third. Top finishers for the girls were: 5th grader Zhuanay Moulton in first, 5th grader Gracyn Barnes in second and 5th grader Kaitlynn Baker in third.

The other runners were: Lyric Burdick, Nick DiRoberto, Liam Doyle, Caleb Iborra, Jack Ignachuck, Nick Jennings, Andrew Lapomardo, James Lawson, Perry Lima, Jacoby Lonergan, Kayden Martin, Luke Martin, Malcolm Mason, James McGlynn, Eli Mondor-Goodhue, Patrick Saucier, Jacob Shea, Sarah Bohling, Camryn Connor, Wren Curewitz, Damara DiDonato, Emma Ellis, Alyssa Gervasi, Taylor Goodrich, Ellie Heatwole, Kylie Holt, Hailey Huchowski, Emily Hunter, Mary Margaret Murphy, Sadie Sens, Mirabelle Silva, Danielle Treadwell, Sydney Weagle and Maya Worsech Lawson.

The new course was a hit with runners and spectators alike, and Shane said, “We look forward to carrying on this new tradition for many years to come!”