Representative Paul K. Frost (R-Auburn) and Senator Michael O. Moore (D-Millbury) announced that funding has been secured for local projects in Auburn within the final Fiscal Year 2019 (FY19) state budget.  The funds will be used to enhance educational and recreational activities as well as public safety improvements in the communities.


Both legislators successfully advocated for $15,000 to support programs at Auburn Youth and Family Services, Inc.  The budget also included $50,000 for the purchase of mobile and portable radio equipment for the Auburn Police Department to upgrade their primary emergency radio system.  In addition, Auburn will receive $11,066,959 in Chapter 70 funding.


Rep. Frost said, “I’m pleased we finally have a state budget for our Commonwealth. This budget provides for increased local funding for towns and schools. It also contains funding for local initiatives. The more state aid we can bring to our local communities means the more local services our constituents can use and count on.”


“The final FY19 budget contains important targeted investments in programs that will have a positive impact on families and the economic stability of both the Second Worcester District and the Commonwealth as a whole,” said Senator Moore. “I am particularly pleased with the amounts secured for specific areas of need in my district as well as the much needed increases in local aid and Chapter 70 funding.”


The six-member Conference Committee reported out the final budget compromised between the House and Senate versions approved by the members in each respective chamber.  The budget includes increases to local aid and Chapter 70 funding from the previous FY18 budget.  Chapter 70 represents state aid to public elementary and secondary schools to assist with school operations and services.  


The final version of the FY19 budget now moves to Governor Baker’s desk for consideration. To view additional information regarding the FY19 budget, please visit the Legislature’s website,