A landmark production in the feminist movement, Top Girls is about a named Marlene, who is fixated on her own success, and the success of the other women she works with. In the well-known opening scene, she hosts a dinner party for a group of famous women from history. As the play unfolds, the audience learns just what Marlene has had to leave behind in her “poor” life in order to forge a path to “success.”

Directed by Krisha Maynard and produced by Bryson Michael, this production will examine the role of women in society, and what it means to be a “successful” woman.

“The message of this show is an important one, especially at this moment,” says director Krisha Maynard. “There are so many different ways to define how to be a ‘successful woman’, and who’s to say that any one path is the right one? I’m looking forward to working with cast members from all walks of life, so we can create realistic characters that leave the audience debating.”

Ghost Light Players recognizes and celebrates the value of diversity in our art and in our lives. We encourage actors from all ethnic backgrounds to audition. In particular, we want to encourage actors of Asian or Asian-American descent to audition as there is a role which requires an actor of that ethnic background.

Auditions for “Top Girls” will be held at the First Church in Marlborough–37 High Street, Marlborough, MA–on June 27-28, by appointment only. The show will be performed November 9 – 11. Those interested in auditioning may sign up for their slot by visiting www.ghostlightplayers.com/audition. Any questions may be directed to Stage Manager Jess Brennan at jess@ghostlightplayers.com.