The final official results from last week’s annual town election are now available. According tot he Town Clerk, it can take several days to properly tally Town Meeting Members votes due to the high number of write-ins seen, especially in precincts where there are fewer than 8 candidates on the ballot. Numerous residents will get one or a small handful of votes, and a half dozen votes may be enough to win a seat.

Elected to Town Meeting seats were:

Precinct 1

  • Ellen C. Gaboury
  • Jeffrey R. LaBonte
  • Elizabeth L. Prouty
  •  Ronald E. Prouty
  • Mark E. Maass
  • Jacob R. Turcott
  • Dennis Natoli
  • Robert L. Platukis

Precinct 2

  • Martha R. Pappas
  • Kenneth R. Fairbanks, Sr.
  • Brendan J. Daley
  • Joe Martin
  • James M. Stolberg, Jr.
  • Andrew W. Paquette
  • James E. O’connor, Jr.
  • Robert P. Stevenson

Precinct 3

  • Edward Coleman
  • Jeffrey C. Mitchell
  • Shannon M. Regan
  • Michael J. Marin
  • Paul D. Wykes
  • Joseph Lyons, III
  • Linda L. Doherty
  • Michael P. Bowles

Precinct 4

  • Deborah A. Faher
  • Stephen F. Lindberg
  • Robert Moffatt
  • Sandra L. Legasy-Feldman
  • Melinda A. Kemp
  • Jerry-Jirair M Balayan
  • Raffi P. Vartabedian
  • Michael S. Boss

Precinct 5

  • Kristen Marie Pappas
  • Rocco J. Morano
  • Carla N. Morano
  • Thomas J. Dufour
  • Kevin L. Donahue
  • John F. O’day, Jr.
  • Sarah B. Libby
  • Nicholas Sean Lynch

Full election results