Auburn Town Manager Julie A. Jacobson received an overall score of 4.66 out of 5 during her annual performance evaluation conducted by the Board of Selectmen on Monday, April 23rd.   Three of the five Selectmen – Chair Doreen Goodrich, Vice Chair Kenneth Holstrom and Selectman Lionel Berthiaume – rated Ms. Jacobson’s performance a perfect 5 in all categories; a rating of 4 is “Excellent” and a rating of 5 is “Distinguished”.

“I truly feel that once again the Town Manager has done an exemplary job, above and beyond what is required of the position, in a way that has made a real, positive, and noticeable impact on the quality of life here in Auburn for our residents”, Chairman Goodrich stated. “In Ms. Jacobson we have more than a Manager; we have a leader. Only a true leader can inspire a community in quite the way that she has.”

Vice Chairman Kenneth Holstrom stated: “Julie is professional proactive, progressive and personable.  She continues to promote good will and cooperation with all the town departments, boards, commissions, committees and our volunteers.  Her plans and ambitions continue to provide needed and desired programs that benefit residents and taxpayers.”

Selectman Berthiaume commented that “Julie continues to impress me with her ability to excel in all facets of her position.  She handles herself very professionally.”

The other two cumulative scores Ms. Jacobson received were and 3.9 from Selectman Dan Carpenter and 4.39 from Selectman Tristan LaLiberte.

Selectman Dan Carpenter stated: “I feel that this evaluation represents my personal opinion, what I’ve observed, and I think it’s an excellent and fair evaluation.”

Selectman Laliberte wrote: Over the last year, from what I have observed, Mrs. Jacobson has been and continues to be an excellent asset to the Town of Auburn.  Her work ethic and dedication to the job/town has been an example to emulate.  I would give her an overall performance rating of Excellent.”

Ms. Jacobson has been Auburn Town Manager since January of 2011.