Director Nick Lapete speaks with the cast of Mary Poppins after Thursday’s rehearsal. Photo by John Anderson

Many factors go in to choosing the appropriate musical each year at Auburn High School, and last spring everything was right for Les Miserables which won multiple TAMY Awards. The talent pool was right, and the needed vocal abilities were present, but the production was anything but kid friendly.

Director Nick Lapete said they knew they had to return to a more Disney-like show that families would enjoy. Mary Poppins, the stage musical, had long been on the mind of music teacher Virginia Bailey as a good performance option for the students at Auburn High School. The problem was you can’t do Mary Poppins without a flying Mary. That problem has been solved, and Mary Poppins will debut on Friday night.

As the curtain closed on Les Mis, Lapete started fundraising so they could afford the thousands of dollars required to fly a cast member, and the audiences this weekend will certainly appreciate that effort. Auburn Mass Daily will publish more on this topic later in the week.

During last Thursday’s rehearsal, the energy for a successful show was obviously building as were some decent British accents.

Derek Brigham and Angelique Davis sing a song in their roles as Bert and Mary Poppins for Friday’s musical debut. Photo by John Anderson

Seeing Mary Poppins fly across the stage was incredible, but a photograph requires full costuming, again later this week. Lapete said, “Flying will energize the community after Les Mis.”

Bailey added that this stage production incorporates many more details from the original novel than the movie that most are familiar with. Still, it’s a great musical, and viewers of all ages will be entertained.

Performances are scheduled for Friday and Saturday nights as well as Sunday afternoon. Tickets are available at