When the curtain opens tonight at Auburn High School, the audience will begin another fantastic musical fantasy, and the surprises will abound. For the second year, the orchestra is located at the rear of the stage which makes the entire sound quality as perfect as it can be. The computer controlled lighting will also add to the experience as LED’s supplement the traditional stage lights.

And then there’s the flying. A stage production of Mary Poppins just wouldn’t be the same without some stage flying, and it is awesome. Two weeks ago, a specialist from Pennsylvania installed the hardware to allow actors to “fly” and then both the actors and their handlers were trained to make the process safe.

Junior Donald Moylan regulates the vertical lift while senior Christopher Keyes controls the side to side motion. The actors wear a special harness, and they seem totally on board with the special effect.

Angelique Davis (Mary Poppins) told Auburn Mass Daily, “I’ve obviously never been that high before.” She said it took a little time to get used to the feeling, but now everything is fine. Derek Brigham (Bert) and Brighid Campbell (Miss Andrew) also do some flying during the show. If there are any concerns, consider that this same special effects company flew Lady Gaga during the Super Bowl a while back.

Tickets are still available for Friday and Saturday nights and Sunday afternoon.You do not want to miss this show.