By Ryan Henderson

Auburn Mass Daily has teamed up with the Athletic Department at Auburn High School to run an Athlete of the Week column. We’ve been working our the details for over a month, and that delayed publication of the first and last athlete from the winter

Matty Backlin [John Anderson Photo]

season, varsity basketball player Matty Backlin.

Backlin scored 233 points this past season or an average of 10.1 per game. He shot 50% on 2-pointers and 30% on 3-pointers. At the line, Matty was good for 67%.

Coach Andy Niedzwicki commented, “ He averaged 5 rebounds per game but he often prevented the other team’s best rebounders from getting rebounds. He was also one of the best players that I’ve ever coached”

Coaches in all spring sports will nominate players they think are worthy, and one will be selected each week. Junior Ryan Henderson is the inside reporter on this project, and we certainly appreciate his help.