U.S. Senate candidate Beth Lindstrom today announced the endorsement of Assistant House Republican Whip, State Representative Paul K. Frost (R-Auburn), who praised Lindstrom’s long and successful service to the Republican Party and touted her as the best chance to defeat Senator Elizabeth Warren in November.

Frost said, “Beth Lindstrom has loyally served the Republican Party for over three decades and is clearly our best chance in recapturing the “People’s Seat” which was lost to Senator Elizabeth Warren with her extreme partisan politics, far left agendas and catering to liberal special interest groups.  Beth going up against Warren is a matchup we can get excited about as we embark on capturing that magic again.  This GOP Primary is about who can defeat Senator Elizabeth Warren.  It’s about who has experiences in the private sector, government and winning elections, who can go toe to toe with Warren in a debate and who can win in Massachusetts as a Republican statewide. Well, to me it’s clear; Beth Lindstrom is the only candidate who checks all those boxes.”

Said Lindstrom, “I am proud to have Representative Frost’s endorsement.  I look forward to partnering with him and other elected leaders as our next U.S. Senator to do what is right by those we mutually represent in Massachusetts.  Putting Massachusetts first, putting the people first is my top priority.  While Senator Elizabeth Warren is busy chasing headlines she has ignored our state. I aim to end all that.”

Frost lives in Auburn with his wife and three daughters.  He represents the 7th Worcester District and is one of the House Republican Floor Leaders in the Massachusetts House of Representatives.

Lindstrom is a mother of three sons, wife and small business owner.  She was the first woman Executive Director of the Massachusetts Republican Party and was so during the Party’s banner year in 1990.  She worked for Mitt Romney’s successful 2002 run for Governor, managed Scott Brown’s successful U.S. Senate run in 2010 and was president of Commonwealth Future PAC that assisted in the election of Governor Charlie Baker in 2014. Lindstrom was the Director of Consumer Affairs under Governor Romney and served as the Director of the Massachusetts State Lottery as well.  She has a MBA from Northeastern University.