The MIAA’s decision to move Auburn and Grafton field hockey to division 1 will likely be questioned by some after this season. Others may ask why this sport lacks a division 3 to make games a bit more fair and balanced. After all, the MIAA has 8 divisions for football.

The Rockets were very competitive this fall, but, and because SWCL is their league, many games were against D2 teams and that hurt in the playoff seeding. Despite 5 victories and 2 losses against D1 teams, Auburn ended up in the #10 spot with an 11-5-2 record. Strictly on a record basis, the Rockets should have been #4, which certainly would have given them another game or two. It is unlikely they ever could have gotten past Algonquin.

Auburn should be proud of their field hockey team and know that these ladies played their hearts out in each and every game. They never gave up and showed growth both individually and as a team.