BOSTON – The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) is pleased to announce that Massachusetts has been ranked the fourth most bicycle-friendly state in the nation, as per the League of American Bicyclists bi-annual state report card. In addition to retaining its top-five status nationwide from 2015, the Commonwealth was also ranked #1 overall in the eastern region of the United States. Massachusetts was especially commended for its high score in the Infrastructure & Funding category of the report card evaluation, reflecting in part the continuing success of our Safe Routes to School Program, and the Evaluation & Planning category, best demonstrated by the further development of the statewide Massachusetts Bicycle Transportation Plan.

“We’d like to thank the League of American Bicyclists for recognizing our efforts to make Massachusetts a leading state for active transportation,” said MassDOT Secretary and CEO Stephanie Pollack. “We hope to learn from the report card scores in order to build on our past successes and make the Commonwealth an even better home for bicyclists.”

The Bicycle Friendly State Report Card is intended to provide highlighted information about each state to provide a useful comparison between states and serve as a reference for state efforts related to bicycling. The ranking for each state is based upon a weighted score that is a composite of the state’s score in each of five categories: Infrastructure & Funding, Evaluation & Planning (both of which Massachusetts excelled in), Policies & Programs, Legislation & Enforcement, and Education & Encouragement.

“MassDOT continues to prioritize bicycling as an effective, enjoyable and efficient mode of transportation,” said Pete Sutton, MassDOT’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Program Coordinator. “It’s extremely gratifying to be recognized once again by the LAB as one of the top states in the nation when it comes to promoting bicycling programs and policies. The result of our efforts better connectivity and safety for all riders traveling along our growing on and off-road cycling networks.” It is hoped that Massachusetts will further improve its ranking and move forward upon the completion of its statewide Bicycle Transportation Plan update currently in progress.