After a solid first round game on Wednesday when the Rockets topped the Guardians 2-0, they will face #2 Algonquin this afternoon. St. Peter-Marian brought frustration to the field, but that’s about it. Auburn is accustomed to turf, and they often play on natural grass, but they certainly don’t experience dirt very often.

The grass on Grove St. is tall, the area in front of the goals is mud, and the school’s baseball diamond extends into the field hockey field. The Rockets frequently had to dig the ball out and propel it higher in the air than they usually do, but the same issues faced the Guardians.

The Guardians put up a decent defense, but sloppy play resulted in 12 Auburn corners in the first half and 7 in the second. Auburn gave up 3 as well. The Rockets were unable to score in the first half, and it took over 12 minutes of second half play before senior Colleen Fellows found the net. Fellows said, “My shot hit off a player’s foot and popped over the goalie’s head.”

Eight minutes later, junior Grace Levansavich took a solo shot that gave her team an insurance goal, and this was the final, 2-0. At 2:30, the Rockets will play Algonquin in Northborough. Coach Bethann Cormier told Auburn Mass Daily, “We have a nice relationship with Algonquin, and their head coach has worked with some or our girls in the off season. They know us well.”

Good luck ladies!